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NASCAR reduces suspensions for Penske Racing crewmen

Tuesday, May. 07, 2013

Penske Racing won’t get back any fines or points, but it did see the suspensions of seven of its team members cut in half as a result of its final appeal of NASCAR penalties.

A three-member panel of the National Stock Car Racing Commission had upheld NASCAR’s penalties last week to both Penske Racing Sprint Cup Series teams for violations found before last month’s race at Texas.

On Tuesday, John Middlebrook, the Chief Appellate Officer, upheld the $100,000 fines to each team’s crew chief and the 25-point reduction in driver and owner points for each team.

Middlebrook did, however, cut in half the six-race suspensions of seven crew members.

Driver Brad Keselowski will lose crew chief Paul Wolfe, car chief Jerry Kelley, team engineer Brian Wilson and competition director Travis Geisler for the next three weeks, which includes points races at Darlington, S.C., and Charlotte and the All-Star Race.

Driver Joey Logano loses crew chief Todd Gordon, car chief Raymond Fox and team engineer Samuel Stanley.

All of the crew members will be back at the track for the June 1 race at Dover, Del.

“Obviously, I wasn’t happy with the outcome a week ago but today we had the opportunity to sit down with John Middlebrook,” said team owner Roger Penske. “I think in the end, he felt the penalties were over-reaching. I am very happy with the outcome.

“We have a real strong bench. We’ll go to the track at Darlington without our members. It’s past us now and we’ll move on.”