Hamlin: Right balance could stop tire blowouts

Sunday, Mar. 03, 2013

Several of the cautions Sunday, including Danica Patrick's dramatic collision, resulted from blown right-front tires.

Denny Hamlin said that's a predictable result, that Goodyear hasn't figure out yet the right balance between the left and right tires for this track.

According to Hamlin, there was dramatically little wear on the left side even after long fuel runs. That's trouble for the opposing tires.

"Until we get better tires on the left, right-fronts will blow - it doesn't matter how hard you make them,'' Hamlin described.

It's particularly difficult to overcome a blown right-front tire without major damage to the car. Drivers tend to lose steering immediate, and go straight-on into the outside wall, rather than a broadside blow.

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