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Martin wants to help position No. 55 for title runs

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013

CONCORD, N.C. – Mark Martin wants to win as many Sprint Cup Series races as he can during the 2013 season with Michael Waltrip Racing's No. 55 Toyota team.

He also has a more longer-term goal in mind.

"I want to help Rodney (Childers, crew chief) making the No. 55 team a very, very sought-after ride in 2014," Martin said Tuesday during the second day of the Sprint NASCAR Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway.

"It's not about anything personal for me – now, I’ll take a trophy if I can get one, don’t get me wrong – but it’s really important to me to make that a sought-after ride.

"Rodney Childers is an amazing crew chief and I want to see him get to run for a championship."

Martin doesn’t have a deal with MWR beyond this season.

"I don’t expect to be in the car after this year. That’s not my goal," he said. "This year we’ll do everything we can to win races and perform."

Martin said it was far too soon to talk about plans beyond this season.

"I've felt very comfortable at MWR; it's such a great working atmosphere," he said. "I'll still be around. No need to worry about what's next."

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