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'Pinks All Out' production halted Report
Tuesday, Dec. 07, 2010

Charlotte-based Speed has shelved the "Pinks All Out" series, it was announced Tuesday.

Production of new episodes of the grassroots drag racing program has been put on hold. There have been 43 episodes since the program's first, at the Texas Motorplex in 2006. "Pinks All Out" and "Pinks All Outtakes" were spun off from the original "Pinks," which began on Speed in 2005.

Noting the program's success, Hunter Nickell, the Speed president, voiced his appreciation to fans, competitors, track managers, the producers and others.

"However, after visiting 34 drag strips in four seasons of production ... the network feels the current show model needs further evaluation to determine what new direction we want to take the property,” Nickell said.

Nickell said development would continue on programming with a focus on grassroots racing.