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NASCAR meetings about 'big picture'

Friday, Jun. 11, 2010

BROOKLYN, Mich. – NASCAR held another round of “state of the sport” meetings last week with several team owners, crew chiefs and drivers, but no immediate or major changes are expected.

“They’re trying to eliminate some costs, trying to make sure that if we spend money, to make sure that it’s effective. You know, those kinds of things,” said driver Jeff Burton, who attended.

“It wasn’t really procedural, rule conversations. It was more big-picture outlook, perspective of the teams as to where we think the sport can be better. Not in small things, but in big things.”

Jeff Gordon, who also attended, said a lot of the talk was about such things as the current testing ban, the Chase format, the change to the spoiler and racing at restrictor-plate tracks.

“I just like the trend they are setting. They saw a lot of value going about those meetings (last year) and getting input from the teams, car owners, drivers (and) crew chiefs,” Gordon said. "It’s good business.

“It’s another way to gather information. I am a big fan of it.”