Best question asked so far and best answer by far

- Editor
Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010

A few thoughts from the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour in the Charlotte area this week:

No. 1. I was absolutely stunned - shattered, even - by how long it took for someone to ask a question about Danica Patrick.

Do these people just not get it?

No. 2. The right people were at Monday's event at Charlotte Motor Speedway - fans. The track and Joe Gibbs Racing invited customers to take part.

You could tell the fans from the media types pretty easily: they were the ones applauding Joe Gibbs' every word and "Whoooo-ing" back at Kyle Busch.

Speedway boss Marcus Smith likes to use terms like "fan friendly" and "fan-first initiative." And, to be sure, gestures toward the fans are looking a lot like the domInant theme in this week's tour.

Too bad the fan memo is just now being circulated.

Richard Petty was hip to fans way back when other people routinely said things like "hip" and called other drivers "cats."

Heck, The King had that fan thing figured out well before he was even knighted.

No. 3. The best question - non-Danica Patrick category - I've heard a driver asked so far this week: "What have you guys got to do right off the bat to improve this season?"

No. 4. To which Clint Bowyer deadpanned: "Well, we've got to go fast. And, of course, we've got to win."