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NASCAR moving toward double-file restarts?

Saturday, May. 30, 2009

DOVER, Del. - NASCAR appears close to moving ahead with making all restarts in races in its three national series – Cup, Nationwide and Trucks – double-file restarts with lead-lap cars up front.

Jim Hunter, NASCAR’s vice president of corporate communication, said Saturday the issue is on the “front-burner” right now but offered no timetable.

Several Cup drivers, some of whom attended NASCAR’s state of the sport meetings in Concord, N.C., on Tuesday, said they believe double-file restarts could be implemented within weeks.

“I think the competition stuff, as far as the race cars and mechanics, will take a while," driver Denny Hamlin said. "But I think from the format style, we’re weeks away from changes there.”

Hamlin said he expects restarts to be among the first areas addressed after Tuesday's discussions.

They’re “going to be a big deal,” Hamlin said. “It’s going to hurt the guys that are two laps down. But, then again, the fans aren’t here to watch the guys two laps down anyway.

“They’re here to watch a great race for the win and I think with a double-file restart that you’ll see that.”