Visual reality: Design has new focus


- Editor
Friday, Apr. 17, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. Or as Rod Stewart put it: Every picture tells a story, don’t it? But there’s usually more to the story.

Racing is a complex and extremely compelling story. It started that way and so shall it ever be. Fans have always demanded to know everything possible about the drivers and teams and tracks. They likely always will. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As rolls out a new home age design that better highlights the visual side of our storytelling, let us begin by bragging a little on some of those we work with on all sides of that equation.

Our site is part of The Charlotte Observer, which has the enormous good fortune of being in the heart of stock car racing country and has a lengthy and rich tradition as a “racing paper.”

David Poole and Jim Utter currently devote a ton of their time and energies to covering racing for the Observer and Their writing efforts are complemented by the contributions of the semi-retired Tom Higgins, who preceded those two in helping build on the paper’s tradition.

Photographers Jeff Siner, Davie Hinshaw, Jeff Wilhelm, David Foster are among those on the newspaper’s staff now building on that side of the house, as Mark Sluder, Dun Hunter and many others have since “strictly stock” car racing took its first green flag in Charlotte some 60 years ago.

Their photos, along with Harold Hinson’s and those we get through The Associated Press, Getty Images and other vendors, will now get a little more of the spotlight on

In addition to the larger home page display, our slideshows and video galleries are growing. We’re exploring a number of other ways, too, of enhancing our coverage.

We trust you’ll like what you see and that you’ll keep letting us know what you want to see more of, whatever form that takes. Comments here are most welcome, as they always are through the site’s feedback account, under the site services link in the navigation bar at the top of our pages.