Specifics of new F1 team's plans unclear

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009

Engineer Ken Anderson and Speed TV reporter and former Williams team manager Peter Windsor formally unveiled their plans Tuesday for the creation of an American Formula One team based in Charlotte.

So far, however, plans are all that remain available.

Anderson and Windsor offered a driver wish list, a probable location for their team's headquarters and a timeline for the team's start but offered no specifics on sponsors, where its engines and cars will come from or the identities of four minority investors.

“For those of them out there who say, ‘Where's all the money? Where's the huge facility? Where's the money falling out of the sky?' That isn't ever going to happen with USF1,” said Windsor.

“We've always had a very different approach, and that approach will become evident as time goes on and this year unfolds.”

USF1 had already announced plans to begin competition in the 2010 season with two American drivers, with IndyCar Series stars Marco Andretti and Danica Patrick mentioned most prominently. Other international motorsports writers have offered up NASCAR drivers Scott Speed (who briefly competed in F1) and Kyle Busch as possibilities.

The team plans to build a headquarters in the north Charlotte area, likely near University City and could employ upwards of 100 people. The team will use a non-U.S. engine supplier, largely because F1 regulations require the use of engines from existing F1 suppliers.

Anderson and Windsor both say they have been impressed with the interest already expressed in the team and believe it will only grow.

“Let's not forget that America is the biggest market for virtually every car company in Formula 1, so I think there's going to be some interest in USF1,” Windsor said.