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In Memory of David Poole

NMPA honors Poole's memory

Posted at 1:41pm on May. 1, 2009

RICHMOND, Va. - David Poole has been named the first-quarter recipient of the National Motorsports Press Association’s Spirit Award for his efforts to help a family burdened by medical bills.

College account established for David Poole's grandson

Posted at 12:37pm on Jun. 26, 2009

Friends of the late Charlotte Observer and writer David Poole and his wife, Katy, have established a college fund for the couple's grandson, Eli Ross.

Poole's family and friends gather - by the hundreds

Posted at 10:27am on May. 1, 2009

They held David Poole's funeral Thursday afternoon, and many of us who loved him and argued with him and frustrated him and admired him showed up.

NASCAR is going to miss this guy

Posted at 10:31am on Apr. 29, 2009

Jim Utter: For 12 years, David Poole and I have covered NASCAR, traveled together and shared too many dinners to count while trading stories and worries about our families, our newspaper and our friends.

Racing's loss isn't lost on 'the other Poole' either

Posted at 9:24am on May. 2, 2009

I was eager to make my mark when I arrived in Chapel Hill, but I quickly learned that I’d have to settle for being nothing more than “the other David Poole.”

Observer motorsports writer dies at 50

Posted at 8:17pm on Apr. 28, 2009

Over thousands of backstretches and checkered flags, David Poole made himself into more than one of the nation’s leading authorities on NASCAR. He became a part of the sport he loved.

Blog: Joe Posnanski on David Poole

Posted at 11:28am on Apr. 29, 2009

There’s no point in making this sound overly sweet: David Poole did not like me.

Blog: ESPN's Ed Hinton on Poole

Posted at 12:04pm on Apr. 29, 2009

In his own way, the late David Poole was as much of a success story as the late Dale Earnhardt.

Hard work and hard-headedness

Posted at 11:34pm on Apr. 30, 2009

It was my good fortune to have worked closely with David Poole. But it was even better to have been counted among his friends.

David Poole was to be on Hall of Fame committee

Posted at 12:16pm on Apr. 29, 2009

Former Observer NASCAR writer David Poole received one more honor on Wednesday.