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Formula 1

Ferrari introduces new team principal in Shanghai

Posted at 7:41am on Apr. 18, 2014

Ferrari's new team principal, Marco Mattiacci, arrived at the Chinese Grand Prix on Friday wearing large sunglasses — on an overcast day.

Column: Fuel-careful F1 less of a guilty pleasure

Posted at 5:26am on Apr. 17, 2014

As Earth's atmosphere warms alarmingly and fills with heat-trapping gases, and the writing on the wall — "People, we're in trouble!" — looms ever larger, Formula One has steadily become a guilty pleasure, the motorsport equivalent of blue whale burger or wearing panda fur.

Court rejects Red Bull appeal for Ricciardo

Posted at 6:32am on Apr. 15, 2014
France F1 Red Bull Hearing

Red Bull is "disappointed" but now focused on the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix after a court on Tuesday rejected its appeal against the disqualification of driver Daniel Ricciardo at the season-opening race in Australia.

Haas plans to field Formula 1 team in next 2 years

Posted at 2:17pm on Apr. 14, 2014
F1 Haas Auto Racing

NASCAR team owner Gene Haas is out to prove that an American-based team can succeed in the Formula One racing series.

Mercedes technical director leaving after season

Posted at 9:57am on Apr. 14, 2014
Mideast Bahrain F1

Mercedes says its technical director will leave the Formula One team at the team of the 2014 season and will not be replaced.

Prosecutors: Ecclestone was afraid of losing grip

Posted at 8:58am on Apr. 14, 2014

Munich prosecutors believe Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone allegedly bribed a German banker because he was afraid of losing his grip on the racing series.

Stefano Domenicali quits as Ferrari team principal

Posted at 7:52am on Apr. 14, 2014
Mideast Bahrain F1

Stefano Domenicali resigned as Ferrari team principal on Monday and will be replaced by Marco Mattiacci, president of Ferrari North America.

Mercedes pushes for Red Bull sanction in dispute

Posted at 12:03pm on Apr. 14, 2014
France F1 Red Bull Hearing

Mercedes tore into Formula One rival Red Bull at an appeals court hearing Monday over the disqualification of Daniel Ricciardo at the Australian Grand Prix, saying the team flouted rules and must be put on notice to stop it from becoming a repeat offender.

NASCAR's Kurt Busch says Haas serious about F1

Posted at 1:02pm on Apr. 13, 2014

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch said team owner Gene Haas is serious about making a strong entry into Formula One, a move that could expand the series' footprint in the U.S.

NASCAR owner Gene Haas granted F1 license

Posted at 3:52am on Apr. 13, 2014

NASCAR team owner Gene Haas said Friday he has been granted a license from Formula One's governing body to start a U.S.-based entry in the series, perhaps as early as next season.